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At etangle, the development of each and every project is a streemlined process, which involves assessment, detailed requirement, design and development.

We take every project as an individual creation, and till completion, verify complete quality assurance and client satisfaction. The following essential phases are the substantial part of each project:

 discover / analysis:

  • Conduct an Analysis to understand your needs
  • Research Industry and marketplace
  • Type of target audences and their requirements
  • Conducting Surveys and Interviews

 define goals:

  • Determining primary objectives
  • Establishing measurable goals
  • Creating a project plan and schedule
  • Establishing a budget / assigning hours
  • Determining deliverables
  • Creating a usibility test plan
  • Writing a creative / technical brief
  • Setting up the project site
  • Confirming Domain Registratin / Hosting and Server information

 site structure:

  • Outlining content
  • Creating a content delivery plan
  • Building a site map
  • Setting naming conventions
  • Creating screen schematics
  • Determining navigation
  • Outlining content and functionality

 design & prototype:

  • Conceptual brainstorming
  • Development of initial components
  • Creating graphic templates
  • Finalizing designs, and preparing prototype in html
  • Testing and usibility verification

 build & test:

  • Setting up file structure
  • Slicing and optimizing graphics
  • Creating HTML templates
  • Creating Scripts and Style Sheets
  • Populating pages
  • Integrating with backend
  • Conducting quality assurance tests
  • Tracking and fixing bugs


  • Final bug fixing and release
  • Uploading site, and testing
  • Setting up maintenance issues
  • Documentation and archiving
  • Submitting to Search Engines

 evaluation & maintenance:

  • Obtaining user feedback
  • Monitoring logs and user tracking
  • Gathering final results

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