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design & multimedia solutions:

Design is the arrangement of objects or material in such a way that they visually attract viewers. On the World Wide Web, people instantly browse websites to find their required information, and they don't have enough time to read about the site they are visiting, hence a good design plays a critical role to make viewers explore the site. It will stay in their minds for a longer time, till they get inspired by some new design.

Designing a website or any other visual material is not easy now a days, especially when you have millions of viewers worldwide. It requires the understanding of the type of audiences, and their requirements.

Etangle has the capabilities and potential to offer you quality design and multimedia services which would help you boost your business and attract prospective clients. We make use of hottest ideas and technologies to develop attractive designs and multimedia applications.

 website design: [portfolio | quote]
A professionally designed and developed website can be a key business achievement for you. Your website reflects the corporate identity of your business. Hence, it needs proper utilization of available resources, planning and dedication, which in return, can be a successful marketing achievement for your business. Our designers have the vision and capabilities to offer you a professional looking design.

 corporate identity / logo design: [portfolio | quote]
Logoes play an important role in marketing a business or company. It is easy to remember the logo of a company than its name. We design professionally looking logoes, which reflect the business or the identity of the company.

 banners / email ads design: [portfolio | quote]
Banner design is not only a graphic creation. It carries out your advertising message. Attractive animations or colorful images will not make it work as you would expect, there is a complex marketing technology behind every successful banner. A blend of quality graphics with special working elements and messages results a productive ad. At etangleŽ, we know how to design an effective banner, that will make a difference in your online business.

 brochure, pumphlets & newsletters design: [portfolio | quote]
Great looking promotional brochures can create a compelling image of your company and its products and services. Brochures are very useful when you want to market your productsin a nice and elegant way. Whether you need a flyer, trifold brochure, sales brochure, marketing brochure, newsletter or a catalogue, we have the expertise to fulfill your needs.

 flash presentations, intros & components: [portfolio | quote]
Flash is a new interactive medium to represent and market a company or business's products and services. Cutting edge web sites today are being lead by Macromedia Flash design. Flash web pages are dynamic, highly graphic and full of multimedia content. The user is given more than just informational content. They are given an experience. At etangleŽ we provide affordable flash web designs / presentations without compromising quality. Whether you need a flash menu system, a complete flash site, an introduction or a CD presentation, we have the expertise to meet your requirements. We can create the look and feel you need to stand out from your competitors.

Hosting Solutions
We offer inexpensive, rich featured hosting solutions for our clients...


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