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electronic commerce solutions:

Since the Internet began, thousands of new companies have come into existence and are trading goods and services electronically. The e-commerce business may be for the products sold directly to the consuming public (B2C) or directly to other businesses (B2B).

etangle offers wide range of e-commerce solutions, from product catalogues to store fronts. We are a reputed e-commerce solutions provider with excellent credentials. Whether yu are looking for the development of a simple shopping cart system with a link to an external merchant payment company or a fully functional online trading system, we can work with you to meet your requirements.

We offer custom designed solutions to meet individual business needs. These solutions enable clients to market directly to consumters (Business to Consumer solutions) or conduct business with other businesses (Business to Business solutions).

Some of the features of our solutions are:

  • Secure Online Card Verification
  • Shopping Carts Development
  • Product Searches
  • Document / Software Downloads
  • User Statistics etc.

 payment gateways / processors:
A payment gateway is a mediator service between the merchant's chopping card and all the financial networks involved with the transaction, including the customers' credit card issuer and your merchant account. It checks for validity, encrypts transaction details, ensures they are sent to the correct destination and then decrypts the responses which are sent back to the shopping cart. Some of the payment processors that we integrate in our products are:

The 2CO is the leading online payment solution provider. If your business wants real time online payment processing, with support to all major credit and debit cards like Master Card, Visa, Diners etc., 2Checkout is the solution for it.

authorizenet is a pioneer in payment processing solutions. We provide a transaction processing system that allows businesses to authorize, settle and manage credit card, and electronic check transactions online, anytime, anywhere in the world.

With more than 45 million accounts in 45 countries, PayPal offers a fast, affordable, and convenient online payment service for businesses of all sizes. Paypal provides a variety of merchant tools for fast, easy and secure online transactions.

SECPay Ltd. is a secure, online, real-time payment service provider, supporting all major credit and debit cards with the (major) acquiring banks for Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Solo, Delta, JCB, American Express and Diners Club. Our business is real time Payment Processing over the Internet.

trust commerce
TrustCommerce is the leading payment solution because we get it. Opening up possibilities and offering our clients the ability to adapt, pioneer, or revise applications across all languages and operating systems. Integrate on your own terms, controlling your environment. These values make our service the most reliable, secure, fastest, and cost effective in the world.

Hosting Solutions
We offer inexpensive, rich featured hosting solutions for our clients...


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